Mr Bell In Buenos Aires: A Trip To Tigre


On this trip to Buenos Aires a day trip to Tigre was something I really wanted to do. I left my hotel mid morning and headed across to the main train station in Buenos Aires, Retiro. It was really easy to buy a ticket as there are special windows selling only tickets to Tigre. They cost 12 pesos, approximately £1 return. Once I found the platform and boarded the train it was a straight forward journey with Tigre being the last stop, it took just under an hour to get there. I was pleasantly surprised at how modern and efficient the trains were.


Arriving at Tigre I followed the crowd to the area where all the tourist boats depart from, there’s various tours to choose from and I wasn’t really sure which one to do so I popped into the tourist information office where they recommended one for me. As the boat left its dock we were given a commentary in several different languages.



The Parana Delta is where the Parana River flows into the Rio de La Plata, there are various rivers and canals and hundreds of islands. The islands were formed by sediment coming down the river which in turn carried seeds which grew and covered the islands in vegetation. Apparently only 5% of the islands are inhabited and there’s a permanent population of about 3500 people.



Everything out on the Delta is done by boat: buses, taxis, haulage services, there are even supermarket boats. Just call them up or leave a basket on your pier and they’ll deliver to you.


They even use boats to get the children off to school, I would imagine it’s quite an adventure for the younger kids when they first start going.



The boat trip lasted around an hour, there’s not that much to see apart from the houses that are dotted around the islands including one of the very first one’s built in the 1850’s and now preserved in a glass cube to protect it from the moisture, but it was a really relaxing trip.



Having finished the boat trip I decided to take a walk around the small town, there’s a couple of other things that are worth noting including a military museum and a theme park – the largest we were told in South America. To finish off my day here I stopped at a lovely riverside bar / restaurant ordered some food and sat enjoying my meal and a glass of wine in the beautiful sunshine overlooking the water.




It made a real change to get away from the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires and I would definitely recommend anyone with some spare time to make the trip here. I had a thoroughly enjoyable and very relaxing day.

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I live in London and work for a large international airline but apart from being my job travel is my passion. I've been very lucky and have travelled all over the world. In this my 20th year working for the airline I decided to start photographing and writing about the places I visit including my home town London. I hope you enjoy my adventures around the world.

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