Mr Bell In St Lucia


As those of you who read my blog already know my work involves a lot of travel so it’s always nice to get away on a well deserved holiday and for this one I chose the beautiful Caribbean island of St Lucia.


Our British Airways flight landed on time and as soon as the doors of the plane were opened the lovely warm heat flooded in. We were quickly through customs and immigration and soon outside where a taxi had been arranged to take us to our resort.


After a long taxi transfer of an hour and a half – made a little better by the taxi driver providing us with some nice cold beers! – we arrived at our resort, the Windjammer Landing. We were quickly checked in, given a glass of rum punch – there’s a theme developing here! – and taken to our pool villa. I’m going to write a review of the resort separately so watch out for that very soon.

The volcanic island of St Lucia is very mountainous, lush and green, its two most famous mountains the Pitons are a world heritage site. The capital of the island is Castries with a population of around 60,000 people.


My plan for the holiday was to spend two weeks soaking up the sun on the beach which to be honest is what I mostly did but I also like to get out and see at least a small part of where I am so I booked a tour to showcase the best bits of the island.

We had to be at the dock of the hotel at 8:30am to board the catamaran that was going to sail us down the west side of the island to the town of Soufriere. In all of my years of travelling I’d never been on a catamaran so didn’t really know what to expect. Well I shouldn’t of worried as it was brilliant. The scenery was just beautiful and the crew kept us informed if we passed anything of interest.


About 45 minutes into the trip the captain slowed down and told us there was some dolphins in the area, we were not disappointed, there were dozens of them swimming around in the sea showing off their moves to us tourists, it was the most beautiful sight, something I will never forget. Unfortunately I only managed to get one picture not the best but I thought I’d show it anyway.


As we sailed down the coast we saw the small fishing villages of Anse-la-Raye and Canaries that are nestled along the coastline.




Approaching St Lucia’s second city Soufriere the majestic Pitons rise out of the sea in front of you, the two mountains are actually volcanic plugs, Grand Piton and Petite Piton, they are quite spectacular to see especially from the water.







In Soufriere we left the catamaran and boarded a mini bus. We drove through the lush rain forest until we reached our first stop Toraille Waterfall. It’s a pretty little spot here with a small waterfall, you can’t swim here but you can go into the pool and get soaked by the waterfall if you want to. There’s a few touristy gift shops but you’re under no pressure to buy anything.






Our next stop excited and terrified me in equal measure, it was the drive in volcano. There were two options here you either did a short tour of the volcano or a volcanic mud bath, we thought what the hell and went for the mud bath, but since that decision I’d been bothered about it. I needn’t have worried, putting the smell of the sulphur aside it was probably the highlight of the trip.



St Lucia Volcano

We went to a part of the volcano where you smothered yourself in grey mud – and I mean from head to toe – let it all dry which didn’t take long then step in to this black coloured extremely hot volcanic water where you wash it all off. As quick as it all was my skin felt incredible for the next few days.

St Lucia Volcano Mud Bath

Just a note to say that we were advised not to take expensive cameras in to the mud bath so I didn’t. The photo’s here were taken by other people, credit is given where known.

Showered and clean from most of the mud we made our way for lunch. This was to be served in a place called Fond Doux Estate a 250 year old working plantation. We were given a welcome talk and an introduction to the estate and shown how they dry out the cocoa beans and the traditional way of polishing the beans. It was interesting but the lunch I thought was pretty dire.






Once lunch had finished, which didn’t take long we were taken back to the catamaran in Soufriere to sail back up the coast to the hotel. The rum punch was flowing, the music was on and the sun was shining, it was a beautiful afternoon as we sailed up to Anse-Cochon where we stopped to snorkel. We swam and snorkeled in the crystal clear water for about half an hour, although we didn’t see too many fish it was a welcome and refreshing break from the afternoon heat.




The final stop on the tour was Marigot Bay, a beautiful waterfront town that was used in the original Doctor Doolittle film. A lot of the bars and restaurants that line the waterfront take their names from the film. Our stop there was all too short and we were off again next stop the Windjammer Landing.






We arrived back at the hotel just in time for sundowners, it was a fantastic day and a great way to see some of the beautiful island of St Lucia.

The rest of my time on the island was spent soaking up the sun and relaxing. The view from the villa was incredible and we saw some amazing sunsets, here’s a few of my favourites.






To see more of my St Lucia pictures go to


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