Mr Bell In Bangkok


My plane touched down at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport and my short trip to the Thai capital had begun. After a few hours of well needed sleep I was off exploring the area around my hotel.


It was getting dark and the streets of the city were really starting to come to life. The street markets were bustling with people, stalls filled with almost everything you could possibly want, bags, t shirts, dvd’s etc. It was an explosion of light and colour, people shouting at you and vying for your business wanting you to buy their products from their stall. I wandered around in my jet lagged haze just taking it all in.




The smells coming from the stalls of the street food vendors were amazing and made me a little hungry so I decided to stop and ordered myself a bowl of Thai green curry with some steamed rice, it was delicious and as I ate sitting on the street I just watched the busy world of Bangkok go by.




I carried on wandering around stopping here and there for a beer and doing a bit of shopping in between, eventually the heat of the city and the jet lag got the better of me and I headed back to my hotel to catch up on some more sleep. I was going to need that sleep as tomorrow a busy and full day was planned.



My alarm woke me the next morning and I lay there trying to will myself to get out of bed, after several attempts I made it into the shower. Tourist map in hand and a quick stop for coffee I got myself to the skytrain and set off to my first destination.


Having arrived at the skytrain station Saphan Taksin I boarded the Chao Phraya Express boat at Taksin Pier and travelled up to stop number 7 Rajinee. This is where I disembarked and went to the Bangkok Flower Market (Pak Khlong Talat).


Thailand’s largest wholesale flower market is definitely worth a visit, it’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is filled with orchids and other beautiful flowers as well as the strung flower garlands and baskets created for Buddhist ceremonies.

BKK Flower Market 2

BKK Flower Market

BKK flower market 3

After my flying visit to the flower market I was back on the express boat to my next stop the Grand Palace. Built in 1782 the palace was for 150 years the home of the Thai King, The Royal Court and the administrative seat of government.



Grand Palace 1

Grand Palace 2

Inside the complex is Wat Phra Kaew – The Temple of the Emerald Buddha – which contains the small but very revered Emerald Buddha which dates back to the 14th century.

Emerald Buddha BKK


The Thai Kings stopped living in the palace around the turn of the twentieth century but the palace complex is still used for ceremonial purposes. The Grand Palace is an impressive complex the buildings are very ornate and intricately decorated and you could spend a whole day taking it all in. Just a bit of advice from me would be to get there as early as possible as it gets extremely busy and as the day goes on the heat can get a bit much but it’s somewhere that you must visit when in Bangkok.



Nearby the Grand Palace is Wat Pho the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. The temple is home to more than 1000 Buddha images and is also known to be the birthplace of traditional Thai massage.




I thought that this was a particularly beautiful place to visit as it seemed to have more of a calmer feel to it than the palace did, there were plenty of tourists around although most only seemed interested in seeing the Reclining Buddha which although incredible to see was not the highlight for me.




Just wandering around and taking in the atmosphere was what I most enjoyed, exploring the various areas, discovering all the rooms with the different Buddha images and seeing the intricately decorated artworks around the site. It was here that I spent the bulk of my time and surprisingly enjoyed it more than the Grand Palace.





Unfortunately for me I was now coming to the end of my day, it had gone so quickly and I felt I’d hardly touched the surface of what I wanted to do in Bangkok, there was so much more that I wanted to see but I suppose on the other hand it gives me an excuse to come back to Thailand and the wonderful city of Bangkok.


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