Mr Bell In Kuala Lumpur: The Petronas Towers: A Photographic Collection


The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur were completed on 1st March 1996 and were at the time the world’s tallest building, they still are the world’s tallest twin towers. Having dragged myself out of bed at what felt like the middle of the night but was in reality eight o’clock in the morning, I made my way down to the ticket office at the towers to get there for opening time at 8:30 am. I know you’re all thinking why did I go so early? Well I was told the tickets are sold on a first come first served basis and that they sell out very quickly and as I only had one day to do this I was determined to go.




Tickets purchased and safety video watched I boarded the first lift and set off to the Skybridge on the 41st floor. The Skybridge is a unique double-deck bridge that measures 58.4 metres in length and sits 170 metres above street level, it is supported by a three hinged arch located at level 29 of each tower.






After 10 minutes of wandering around the Skybridge our group was called and we went into another lift for the journey to the main Observation Deck which is on level 86. The view from here was fantastic, you could see the whole city spread out in front of you and also tower number one, it seemed strange looking at the other tower so closely but you could really see the detail in the way it was built.













Apart from the view there are a few interactive displays, a video wall detailing interesting facts about the towers and the development models of KL City and KLCC.






Once I’d had my fill of the Observation Deck – there’s only so long you can look at the view – I boarded the lift and headed back down. Once back outside there’s a pretty landscaped park to walk around and get some great views of the towers from the ground.


If shopping’s your thing you can also pop into the Suria KLCC shopping mall which is located below the towers themselves.

Night time at the towers, I thought they looked even more impressive after dark when they’re all lit up.






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