Mr Bell At Beachy Head

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For October the weather is being incredibly kind here in the UK, the sun is shining and the temperature although a little chilly is still very pleasant for the time of year. Friday was a beautiful day and I decided to take the car and drive down to Eastbourne and the famous beauty spot of Beachy Head.

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Beauty Head is part of the South Downs National Park and is famous for having the highest chalk sea cliffs in Britain, they rise up to a height of 162 meters or 531 feet and are quite something to see.

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At the peak on a clear day you can see right down the south east coast to Dungeness in the east and Selsey Bill in the west. The areas name was first recorded as “Beauchef” meaning Beautiful Headland in around 1274 but by around 1724 it was commonly referred to as Beachy Head.


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Having parked the car the first thing that struck me was the silence and quietness of the place, the second thing I noticed was the incredible views and the stunning natural beauty of the area.

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Walking along the clifftop was quite something, you can actually get right to the edge if you’re brave enough as there’s no fences or barriers to stop you.

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If you’re up for it you can walk for miles just admiring the beautiful scenery.

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As well as being a famous for its natural beauty Beachy Head also has the unenviable reputation of being the UK’s most notorious suicide spot. At the edge of its highest peak small wooden crosses, flowers and messages can be seen in memory of those that have taken their lives here.

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Because of its reputation for suicides Beachy Head also has a few tales of ghosts associated with it. Reports of a mysterious black monk who stands at the foot of the cliffs and beckons those at the top to jump are common. There have also been sightings of a lonely female who walks to the edge of the cliffs, looks around, then throws herself off, this being quite a regular occurrence. These are just two examples of various ghostly goings on.

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Beachy Head is very close, infact walkable to the nearby town of Eastbourne, a traditional British seaside town. Because I didn’t fancy the hike back up the hill to the car I decided to drive down to Eastbourne and park in town.

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The seafront part of the town is very nice with a lovely long promenade to walk along with some nice cafes if you fancy stopping for a coffee or something a little stronger.

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The pier which was badly damaged by fire a couple of years ago is open and gradually being rebuilt and on a nice day gives some lovely views of the downs and the town itself.



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I finished of my visit in the traditional way with a bag of fish and chips walking along the prom and taking in the fresh sea air.

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