Mr Bell’s Guide To London’s Best Romantic Restaurants

For all you hopeless romantics out there here’s our list of the capitals best and most romantic restaurants. You’ll need to splash some cash in these places but hey it’s Valentines Day soon so why not treat yourself and that special someone to a date to remember.

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Mr Bell’s Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester

The Dorchester on Park Lane is one of Londons most famous hotels. We were there for a champagne afternoon tea.


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Mr Bell In Richmond upon Thames

It was around 1820 when Turner painted his now famous view of Richmond Hill. In the years that have passed the view remains very much the same and is just as beautiful. My walk began as I left Richmond train station and headed towards the river.

Richmond Terrace, Surrey circa 1836 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851


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Mr Bell’s View From The Crew

Whatever you call them, flight attendants, cabin crew, stewards and stewardesses they all do the same job and are there primarily for one reason, your safety. The other more mundane part of their job is to make your flight a comfortable and enjoyable experience, and the majority of crew do that with great professionalism.


It can be a great job being cabin crew but sometimes, just sometimes little things test their patience. Read on and enjoy a tongue and cheek look at some of those irritations remembering them next time you travel, it might just make your journey that little bit more pleasant!

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Mr Bell In Chiswick

So what’s with all the buzz about Chiswick, house prices have gone through the roof and it seems to be more popular than ever. It doesn’t surprise me, with it’s excellent selection of bars and restaurants including two that are Michelin starred, it’s proximity to the river and good transport links into central London it seems to have it all, so lets find out if it does.

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Mr Bell at The Banqueting House London

A tale of the execution of a King and four centuries of history drew me to the Banqueting House. I’ve passed this building many times and always thought I must visit when I get some time. Well I finally found the time and I’m really glad I did.


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Mr Bell Goes To Seattle

It was New Years Eve and I find myself flying out to Seattle, that’s the nature of my job I suppose. Anyway after a long flight I arrived at my hotel, the Sheraton Seattle, a large business type place in the heart of downtown.

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